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The Relationship Between Religion And Morality - Essay Example

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The Relationship Between Religion And Morality

In this case, the inner nature and morals of people is closely connected with their believes (but not a religion).
Task 1. Socrates believes that “the gods command something because it is good”. He equates good” with “love” saying “which is dear to the gods is dear to them because it is loved by them, not loved by them because it is dear to them” (Plato, n.d.). It means that the gods command something because they love it, so everything they love is “good” and “holy”. Socrates states that “what all the gods hate is impious, and what they love pious or holy” (Plato, n.d.). The other argument proposed by Socrates shows that “good” is accepted by people as the gods priorities: “I mean to say that the holy has been acknowledge by us to be loved of God because it is holy, is loved”. So, the gods command something because of love. So, for Plato God and goodness are two separate things. I suppose that God and goodness cannot be separated, because they represent a single whole. According to religious views, we cannot interpret God without goodness. If God is “free” of goodness, so God is evil and immoral, so we cannot interpret Him as a god, but as a devil. On the other hand, goodness does not exist separately from God, being an “integral” part of Him."integral" part of Him. In this case, God and goodness are a strong mix, and one and the same.
Task 2. Old Testament contains a wide variety of odd practices, which do not coincide with dogmas of goodness and morality. Old Testament states that God "by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children, to the third and fourth generation", (Genesis, Ch 34 v 7). This command is one of the most odd concept which disagrees with God's love and total mercifulness. This example shows that the concept of forgiveness is broken by God Himself. Old Testament states that "How many times should a man forgive his brother ...Seventy-times Seven". (Matthew Ch l8 v 22). So, the question is why should we follow God's commands if He does not follow them Instead of forgiveness preached by God, we have an example of revenge and punishment. If we assume that a man is created in His image, we can follow his actions as well. But, punishment and revenge has nothing to do with morality and goodness. This interpretation of sacred text proves the fact that God and goodness is not the same thing, because He embodies weaknesses of common people and which religion tries to hide.
Another odd thing is that in the book of Job Eliphaz admonished Job, saying that God, "puts no trust in his Angels" (Job, Ch 27 v 6), So, why should we follow command of God if He does not believe in the things he preaches. This passage is opposed to the traditional interpretation of God as a loving one. So, in this case, we cannot associate love with "good" as stated by Plato and Rachels.
One more odd thing is found in the Psalm 137, verse 9. "Happy [shall he be], that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones". This passage does not agree with 10 Commandments popularizing evil and revenge upon enemies, which can cause the death for many innocent people because of fear, dishonor, falsehood, and low moral values. A man is not strong enough to resist the feeling of fear. Instead, the absence of friendship and universal virtues are closely connected with low morals and fear of people to be abandoned by God.
In this case, killing of enemies deals with self-preservation of people. It means that a person could easily lie in order to avoid punishment even if it is resulted in the death of other people.
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From ancient times, people have tried to understand interrelationship between morality and religion. At the beginning of the 21st century, this question has been solved yet. …
Author : ydickens
The Relationship Between Religion And Morality essay example
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The Relationship Between Religion and Morality
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