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The Relationship Between Religion And Morality - Essay Example

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High school
Religion and Theology
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From ancient times, people have tried to understand interrelationship between morality and religion. At the beginning of the 21st century, this question has been solved yet. …

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The Relationship Between Religion And Morality

In this case, the inner nature and morals of people is closely connected with their believes (but not a religion).
Task 1. Socrates believes that “the gods command something because it is good”. He equates good” with “love” saying “which is dear to the gods is dear to them because it is loved by them, not loved by them because it is dear to them” (Plato, n.d.). It means that the gods command something because they love it, so everything they love is “good” and “holy”. Socrates states that “what all the gods hate is impious, and what they love pious or holy” (Plato, n.d.). The other argument proposed by Socrates shows that “good” is accepted by people as the gods priorities: “I mean to say that the holy has been acknowledge by us to be loved of God because it is holy, is loved”. So, the gods command something because of love. So, for Plato God and goodness are two separate things. I suppose that God and goodness cannot be separated, because they represent a single whole. According to religious views, we cannot interpret God without goodness. If God is “free” of goodness, so God is evil and immoral, so we cannot interpret Him as a god, but as a devil. On the other hand, goodness does not exist separately from God, being an “integral” part of Him. ...
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