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Exam on Religion - Essay Example

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Exam on Religion

Because of this, the Young Earth Creationism Theory posits that the Earth is merely 6,000 years old. However, based on scientific findings, the Earth is 4.6 billion years old already. This puts it in a compromising stage, whereas the Day-Age Creationism can bridge both the scientific and religious data and that in fact, a single day (or yom in Hebrew) can mean an indefinite long period of time. This can be more accurate compared to the Young Earth Theory in a sense that a single day can be stretched into at least a thousand to a billion years, so theoretically, with six billion years allotted for creating the Earth, this is nearer that the actual age of the Earth. This means that the Day-Age Creationism is more feasible because there are also scientific results that support it. The Book of Revelations is seen as the go-to of apocalyptic literature. It states how Christ will return to the Earth, after chaos, war, pestilence, famine and persecution. It tells the story about the Wrath of god, against all the false prophets and their followers, and all this suffering is overseen by God. He, in fact, released Satan and defeated him too (20:7-9) and later resided with the rest of humanity in New Jerusalem (21:2-8). This story is parallel to the Story of Job, albeit in a small scale. Job is also undertaken a series of tests to affirm his loyalty with the Lord. In fact, he was “sold out” to Satan to test his faith, although we know that in the end, Satan failed to corrupt him and the Lord even made Job richer and better than he ever was before (42:1-17).. The pattern is the same. Job can symbolize humanity and he has been punished, and was being prepped for the coming of the Lord. Humanity, in the Book of Revelations is also punished and was being prepped for the coming of the Lord and at the end of the punishment, the Lord replaced the Old Earth with a New Earth and there is no more suffering or death, and the curse ended (22: 6-21). Yes, I think the Book of Revelations is an expanded version of the Book of Job. 3. What are the implications and parallelisms of Ruth’s and Esther’s story in the Bible? The story of Ruth in the Bible is seemingly put there to explain David’s ancestry and nothing else. Esther’s story, on the other hand, merely recounts of the Festival of Purim came to be. The reasons for their places in the bible appear trivial but they are, in fact, not. Ruth, with her familial relations to King David, may as well be the New Abraham and Esther’s story of saving her people can make her the female counterpart of Moses. Abraham and Ruth, both ancestors of the great character in the Bible, even shared the same experiences like barrenness and famine (Abraham went down… Gen 12:10 and There was famine in the land… Ruth 1:2 ) and they traveled the same sojourn too. Esther’s story of saving her people was similar to that of Moses’ story too. Both were leaders or at least people of power and both are liberators of their people in a foreign place and they also kept their faith a secret at first. Even the festivals are parallel: The Passover celebrates the deliverance of Israel through the Passover while the Purim celebrates the Israelite’s survival on Haman’s pogrom. This implies that the Bible puts importance to women, and is, in fact, a gender-sensitive book, especially in this respect. 4. Use form criticism to analyze 2 Samuel 12:1-4. Form criticism attempts to trace a scripture from its early days in oral ...Show more


Genesis is the story of the Earth’s creation. This story has been told in Genesis 1:1-31. According to the story, God made the world in six days. However, according to the Day-Age of Creationism, this six days were, in fact, ages as the name implies…
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Exam on Religion essay example
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