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Management for Efficient E-Business IT Infrastructure: Tesco Virtual Store Introduction The new systems that have been created for IT infrastructure have become so easily created and maintained that small businesses as well as large businesses can use the technologies in order to increase their e-business presence.


In managing a system such as this, the primary side of the IT infrastructure is through the use of the barcode system as it is used to create orders. Fortunately, the technology is readily available, so easily gained that any person can go out on the internet and create a bar code for this type of use. In using a virtual store environment to increase sales and diversify locations without the investment of stock, the management of such a system is minimally necessary and highly dependent on the available external systems of bar code creation and reading. IT Management The good news with creating a bar code system for a virtual outlet concept is that the costs are low and the management of the system is primarily concerned with the calculation of orders and the distribution of product. The application that is used for the system is a free download from a variety of resources for the consumer and the creation of bar codes can be done by anyone who has accessed to the internet and to a system that allows for the complete functionality required. Horizontal service level agreements are created when a company uses an external resource for creating an integral part of their IT business model infrastructure. ...
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