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The christian faith

Schleiermacher asserts that the Church is nothing rather than a spiritual union in association to piety. It is not a knowing and not even a doing; rather, it is an alteration of feeling, or of instantaneous self-consciousness. In this case, feeling is employed in a scientific manner in order to portray a clear mental state within self-consciousness without including the unconscious phases. According to Schleiermacher, a feeling that comprises of not knowing or Doing tends to be the real meaning of piety (Schleiermacher 1928, p.10). On the other hand, knowing, and doing are relevant to piety, and this is a phase that merges them with a feeling. However, piety continues being a distinctive feeling, exclusive amongst all the other feelings since it is the conscious that is wholly dependent. The feeling of dependence tends to expresses an interest that is affected by some exterior forces, yet merely the feeling of dependence tends to be complete. Schleiermacher articulates that feelings of complete dependence on God are the greatest level of instantaneous self-consciousness, which turns out to be a significant factor human nature. ...Show more


Book Review Name: Institution: The Christian Faith Schleiermacher recaps the preamble to The Christian Faith concisely by saying that the intention of the Introduction is primarily to bring the perception of Dogmatic that inspires the work itself forward, along with the reader's preparation for the approach and displays that follow in his book…
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