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Student’s name Instructor’s name Class name Date A close look into the 5 covenants mentioned in the Bible's Old Testament Introduction to the covenants According to, a covenant is “A binding agreement; a compact “. And most sources indicate that this is an agreement made between men that require action and fidelity from both parties, but in the bible, specifically in the Old Testament, God has allowed himself to be in agreement with man despite himself being all-knowing and all-powerful, while man being fickle, volatile and shaky.


The goal of this paper is to take a closer look at 5 of the Old Testament’s greatest covenants between God and certain men. We will take a close look at each of these covenants and look at their details and conditions if any. We will then determine which of these covenants are conditional and dependent on the fidelity of the human, and which one is everlasting and unconditional. This will be done thru the paper's parts and discussions such as: ??The five covenants of the Old Testament ??Covenant of God with Noah ?Covenant of God with Abraham ?Covenant of God with Moses ?Covenant of God with David. ...
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