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Jihad means to struggle in Arabic. In the Koran, this is the kind of struggle where by Muslims try to be fully committed to Allah, and to be morally upright, throughout their lives.


Jihad therefore means fighting to have a positive attitude towards Allah’s teachings, and determining to follow them (Khan 48). There are four known form of jihads according to Islamic scholars’ opinions. There is the Jihad of the heart, Jihad of the tongue, jihad of the hand and jihad of the sword. Some people have taken the word to mean “Holly War”. They therefore have taken advantage of this word, to expand Islamic boundaries and influence. Some Muslims have used such war to fight physically against other non-Muslim people and countries. Jihad started back in the time of Prophet Muhammad. At that time, Muslims had to protect themselves when Prophet Muhammad was moving from Makkah to Madinah where he lived until he died. At that time in Makka, Muslims were in extreme danger, and the chances of their eradication were high. At this point, they gave them permission to guard themselves by afflicting those who were oppressing them violently. The holly Qur’an allows Muslims address the concerns of aggressive neighbors since God will sustain them. However, it outlaws them thus; they should not exceed their limits. They should maintain discipline by avoiding hurting the blameless. Apparently, according to Qur’an, the Jihad that necessitates the fight within one’s self is the greatest Jihad. ...
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