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Religion and Theology
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The involvement of religion in causing wars is a highly debated topic now. Some people argue that the major reasons behind some of the ongoing conflicts in this world are purely cultural rather than political or economic.


Even though America was highly secular until recent times, it changed its secular face after 9/11 World Trade Center attack by Al Qaida. Christianity is slowly taking control of American politics now and the rise of the concept of Christian Right is clearly underlines above belief. The ongoing war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq are motivated culturally rather than politically which is evident from the words of American political leaders itself. In Palestine - Israeli conflict also, religion plays an important role. The conflicts between India and Pakistan also believed to be the clashes between Hindus and Muslims. In short, the involvement of religion in many of the ongoing wars is evident to everybody now. Even though political and religious leaders deny such religious involvement in wars, nobody can deny the fact that wars between similar communities are not occurring whereas wars between different communities or religion are going on now. This paper explores the extent of religious involvement in some of the ongoing wars.The importance of religion in human life cannot be denied under any circumstances because of the huge contributions it provided to the development of human life in different periods of time in the past. In fact religion is the only entity which forces the people to maintain certain morality and ethics in life. ...
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