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The caste system among the Hindus is one of the oldest and widely prevalent norms in the Indian social hierarchy, which has contributed to wide scale disparities between the Hindu Brahmins and the Dalits.


Ambedkar, emphasizes the role of God in religion and its influence in bringing social changes and hence laying the foundation for an egalitarian society. B.R. Ambedkar, pioneered and demanded for a revolutionary change in the caste system by fighting for equal rights for India's lower classes - known as the untouchables. Post independence he drafted the Indian Constitution and defended the ethnic and religious minorities by advocating their rights and reserving a secure place for them in the society through quotas, ensuring them government jobs and thus laying a foundation of social equality. He inspired the Dalit Buddhism movement in India with a view to eradicate the biased treatment meted out to the social outcasts on the basis of their religion. It led to mass conversions among the lower classes who converted to Buddhism. He spearheaded the first Dalit movement in the Indian state of Maharashtra and launched efforts and programs to eradicate illiteracy among the Dalits, by setting up newspapers and establishing political parties to support the cause. He also contributed in campaigning for acquiring religious rights for the Dalits and played a key role in lifting the ban which prohibited the Dalits from entering Hindu places of worship. This paper on modern Indian religions discusses the impact and influence of Dalit Buddhism in bridging the gap between the higher castes and the lower castes / the untouchables i.e. the Dalits. ...
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