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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Development of Catholic Church Introduction According to the catholic doctrines, Jesus Christ is the founder of the church. The teachings on the Catholic Church assert that the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles during the day of Pentecost signaled the beginning of public ministry of the church.


This paper will discuss the development of the Catholic Church, the church fathers, their opponents, and the theological disputes the church fathers faced. The spreading of Christian religion was more successful in urban areas among people of low social class, aristocratic women and slaves. The first Catholic Church was not well organized, thus; they came up with a structured hierarchy where the Bishop had authority over clergy in his city. By the third century, many things had changed, and the Bishop of Rome solved problems that other Bishops could not solve thus acted as a court of appeal. The doctrine of the Catholic Church was refined by the church fathers. Many years later catholic teachings came to be defined by proto-orthodox teachings. Christians faced persecution due to their refusal to give up their God and worship the gods of the other religions. The non Christians and the authorities felt that Christians were threatening their peace and the prosperity of the Roman Empire, by annoying the gods. Christians faced accusation of incest and cannibalism due to their secrecy in their religious practice. Any unusual occurrence in the empire was blamed on the Christians claiming that the gods were angry, and this led to the persecution of more Christians in the Roman Empire. ...
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