Living Waters for Thirsty Souls

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Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Living waters for Thirsty Souls--Critical Review Summary The fundamental principle of “Living Water for Thirsty Souls: Unleashing the Power of Exegetical Preaching” is that preaching is supposed to be grounded, as well as centered, within the genuineness and instructions found in the Bible.


Living water for thirsty souls: unleashing the power of exegetical preaching is comprehensive with example sermons to demonstrate every stride of this method (McMickle 46). Interaction and Dialog with these Concerns from Individual Experience I have attended sermons more than a few times when I visit a chapel. I have listened to sermons that were sometimes distorted and proposed something impractical at some instances. As I read “Living Water for Thirsty Souls: Unleashing the Power of Exegetical Preaching” I found out that these preachers did not use a line of attack that could make whatever they were preaching as practical and realistic as possible. They tried too hard to make things fit into some contexts that made people wonder whether the examples that were provided really applied to what was in the scripture. After reading the book, I learnt that almost all the sermons that I had attended did not utilize even a quarter of what McMickle come up with in his approach (McMickle 65). The sermons had no type of limitations. This made the preachers to go out of context and confuse the individuals attending the sermon, me included. ...
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