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In Martin Luther’s Preface to James, the former did not consider the latter’s epistle as writing of an apostle due to the following reasons. Luther tried to compare James’ epistle to that of Paul.


Understanding Luther

Luther tried also to point that James considered the perfect law as a way to liberate men from bondages (James 1:25), However, Luther believed that Paul considered the law as the law of slavery, wrath, death and sin. In this ground, Luther was confident in his stand that James opposed Paul and the scriptures and whatever the apostles were able to accomplish by stimulating people to love. It is therefore evident that Luther was comparing both James and Paul’s epistle on the ground of faith and work. His stand was evident on Paul’s writing and he used this as his basis to consider James’ stand between faith and work as completely contradictory. Paul’s teaching about works and faith in Galatians Paul’s teachings about works and faith in Galatians are evident. His very example was the faith of Abraham which was considered righteousness before God. He would offer his son, by believing in God and that certain faith moved the hands of God on him. In this example, Paul pointed out that Abraham had faith and because of that, he would be willing to offer his son, as God commanded him. Paul depicted that real faith certainly would result to action that would justify it, just like what Abraham did. In the same way, Paul pointed out that it is only by faith we are justified in Christ. ...
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