Religion and Theology
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Name Professor Class Date 1. Why would an intelligent person not believe in God? The main reason why intelligent person does not believe in God is due to the fact that His existence cannot be verified by the senses. There is also no scientific evidence to His existence and nobody has actually personally known God to conclude outright that He really exists.


Feuerbach and Marx dismissed God and His expression in religion to be an illusory of projections of what is lacking in man. Feuerbach argued that God is really just a dream of the human mind, an illusion that became sacred, a projection of man’s unfulfilled desires. For Feuerbach, the idea of God’s magnificence is just a projection of man’s failure to realize its full potential and His holiness is just man’s expression of guilt towards his sin. In a way, Feuerbach believed that God is just a defense mechanism of man’s inadequacy and his attempt to fill it through the idea of God. Marx, shares many of Feuerbach’s argument that God is just an illusion and projection. But Marx went as far as dismissing God and religion as an “opium” that impedes development. And for man and society to progress, that opium has to be removed. For Marx, God is not only non-existent, but He is also an inconvenience and a stumbling block towards progress that needs to removed. Freud argued his skepticism on the existence of God according to his expertise in psychoanalysis. But his argument is still consistent with Feuerbach “illusory and projection” argument. ...
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