Anna Hazare: The Seconf Gandhi's Fight against Corruption

Anna Hazare: The Seconf Gandhi
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Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Anna Hazare: The Second Gandhi’s Fight against Corruption Introduction India is currently facing one of the severest problems any society has ever confronted, corruption. But in every social problem there is always someone who will find the courage fight it.


Although it has been said that Hazare and Gandhi are quite similar in their methods of mobilizing social movements, there are those, like Gandhi’s great grandson Tutsar, who claimed that the two have stark differences. In view of these abovementioned subject matters, the paper discusses first the corruption problem India faces and how Anna Hazare is trying to resolve this issue; second section discusses the similarities and differences between Anna Hazare and Mahatma Gandhi; and the last part presents a conclusion on how Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign will help India as a nation in time. The Anti-Corruption Campaign of Anna Hazare Recently, the state of Maharashtra witnessed an outburst in the civic protest against corruption. Kisan Baburao Hazare, or more popularly known as Anna Hazare, originally a social worker involved in rural community support (Govindu 2006), undertook a new incarnation to set off an unrelenting struggle against the rising, universal sin in government and the larger society. An individual of Gandhian philosophy, of immaculate and pure character and of ascetic lifestyle, he rekindled the inert consciousness of the masses. His petite physical appearance and likeness to Lal Bahadur Shastri was in part the source of his remarkable charisma to the masses. ...
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