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Other Religions: Islam and Buddhism

Finally, one’s personal reflection of this experience in the light of the Christian beliefs and practice would be presented and discussed. The first religion to be explored is Islam followed by Buddhism. Aside from Christianity, Islam has been acknowledged as the world’s second largest and continually growing religion (Robinson, Islam: The second largest world religion...and growing, 2011). For Christians or people who are not familiar with Islam, one would be particularly interested to determine concerns that particularly focus on Islam beliefs, practices and traditions. If one is to prepare for an interview with a person practicing Islam, it would be best to make some preliminary research on the religion using secondary sources of information. With the basic questions in mind, one could use the Google search engine, for instance and find out the responses to these questions. Then, during the interview, one could validate the person’s responses to those that were found from secondary sources. In a way, by making a preliminary research, the interviewer could actively participate in the discussion by exploring more on the issues and could try to ask additional questions that could be related to the issue to verify some ambiguous information and to confirm the responses noted. ...
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The paper aims to present two religions other than Christianity and structure the report in terms of defining what type of question one would ask someone practicing that type of religion and how one would prepare oneself for an interview with that person…
Author : kayliwolff

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