Religion and Theology Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Every religion has its own beliefs and practices, Most of the believers usually insist that their religious beliefs are the best ones; few religious believers can be in a position to argue about the shortfall of their beliefs.


Religion typically appeals to emotional values of a person as opposed to the intellectual values. Believers always tend to think that an emotional reason for believers is not worthy.
A person may be identified according to his/her religion in many ways, such as the dressing codes, the speech of a person and their lifestyle. You can identify a person religion due to the way the person dresses, some religion are strict in the believer’s mode of dressing and therefore are against other types of dressing while others do not care about the dressing mode.the speech of a person can also make you to differentiate people according to their religion for instance Muslims usually include Muhammad in between their conversations while Christians include Jesus Christ, this can help one to differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian. The name of a person can suggest the religion of the respective person (Neusner, 304). For instance the Christians name their children according to the names in the bible. This are only but a few ways one can be identified in regard to the religion he/she belongs to. Despite the difference in religions and beliefs most people believe in one true God. ...
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