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Abraham, the Greatest of Israel's Patriarchs

This has been the life that Abraham went through and has been considered for centuries, as the greatest among the patriarchs. Considered the “Father of faith” by the New Testament heroes, Abram, whose name was later changed to Abraham as a part of God’s covenant with him, did not just represent a life that received the promises of his God, but also, showed how he may have struggled to develop the faith that he is now known for. Abraham’s weaknesses as shown in the narration of his life in the book of Genesis are almost minimized by the completion of his faith as he obeyed God. However, what probably brought more fame and appreciation to this patriarch not only among the Jews but among other nations as well, is not just his moments of achievements but also his first steps when he was asked to leave his hometown and obey the God who has not been introduced to him in his place. Ur, the homeland of Terah, Abraham’s father (Genesis 11:31), is a place where polytheism is practiced and so it could be safely considered that Abraham was raised in such beliefs (Vos). However, when he heard the voice of God, without a doubt, he took his first step to the place God promised for him without even knowing where it is located or what lifestyle and economic status they might have there. ...
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As gold would be purified through extremely high temperature and as diamonds need cutting and polishing to bring out their beauty, so does a leader need to be trained through tribulations…
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