Is God the Father a Model or an Idol According to Sallie McFague?

 Is God the Father a Model or an Idol According to Sallie McFague? Research Paper example
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Sallie McFague is one of America’s most famous people in the field of theology. In fact, she is known as a Feminist-Christian theologician. She was born on May 25, 1933 in Massachusetts and had her Literature degree from Smith College in 1955.


She was awarded a Ph.D. in 1964 as her thesis was published in Literature and the Christian Life. Her theories are heavily influenced by Karl Barth’s dialectical theology and also H. Richard Niebuhr’s. Sally McFague’s major contribution is bridging literature and theology. Her works frequently touch on literary theory and theology, and her theories are known as Metaphorical Theology.

Metaphorical Theology has four defining aspects and this has greatly influenced how McFague created her idea. It will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs. First: theology is achieved by “hearing” out God’s word. Secondly, God being in Jesus Christ means that all the flaws in humanness, all the problems and ambiguousness, is significant. Thirdly, theology should be reviewed and renewed constantly to avoid “idolatry and irrelevance”. And lastly, the world, or the human world at least, is made of language (Wildman, 1994).

Theology is achieved by “hearing” out God’s word. If a person does not “hear” or understand the word of the God, then it is unsuccessful, it is a farce. This thought echoes throughout McFague’s work, and it is has seen to be heavily influenced by Barthesian ideas. ...
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