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I was pleased to work at a Children’s Welfare Institute as a part of my service project. The Children’s Welfare Institute is a place where children can go to be protected and cared for when they cannot be in their homes. Most of the children were there because their parents were working and they did not have the money or access to pre-school.


This is a place where they can play together in an organized way with supervision by adults. Lessons in getting along, playing fair and using respectful language is all in a day’s work. Without the Children’s Welfare Institute, many of these children would be home playing on the streets in an unsupervised setting or simply watching endless hours of television until their parents came home to watch them. It is a special place because it teaches children good social skills and values while allowing them to safely have fun. My duties at the Children’s Welfare Institute were centered on interacting with the children. I was assigned to organize them into groups for games and activities. Sometimes these activities involved taking kids to a nearby park or some other location to have free time. I needed to count all of the kids and make sure I returned to the Children’s Welfare Institute safely with all of the children. Sometimes this was had to do because all they wanted to do was run around while I counted. I soon learned to call them by name. Doing this makes them feel special and lets them know I care about them. My favorite part of the service was organizing sports activities. I was often in charge of organizing the kids into football and basketball teams. ...
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