Must Liturgy Adapt to Culture or vice versa

Must Liturgy Adapt to Culture or vice versa Essay example
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4. “Liturgy is not adapted to culture, but culture to liturgy” (Aidan Kavanagh (1982) Elements of Rite A Handbook of Liturgical Style, New York, Peublo Publishing Company Inc). In the light of an increasingly secular society is this still true? Must Liturgy Adapt to Culture or vice versa?


It would seem that the trend in the liturgical changes points to an adaptation to the people’s way of life or culture. In the light of an increasing secularisation of society, the question begs: Must liturgy adapt to culture, or vice versa? The Essence of Liturgy One must rest upon the definitions of liturgy and culture to be able to take a handle on this question. The word liturgy comes from the Greek word liturgia which signifies an act of public service done for the community. From a Christian point of view , and particularly Anglicans, as explained in the Guiding Principles of Christian Worship, liturgy has come to be known as “the work of the people of God,” or their public obligation to give God thanks and adoration. It is very important to establish the relevance at this early of the six guiding principles of Christian worship as contained in the Book of Common Prayer. ...
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