Major Intellectual Advances and Developments in Knowledge That Occurred in the Islamic World Under Abbasid Rule - Essay Example

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Major Intellectual Advances and Developments in Knowledge That Occurred in the Islamic World Under Abbasid Rule

According to Bennison (2009, pp43-56) Historians, aptly refer Abbasid era as the “Golden Age” mainly because of the great scientific and cultural transformations that occurred during the period. Western countries such as ancient Greece and Rome in addition to eastern countries especially China had initiated the path for scientific and intellectual development in the Arab empire. These early advancements converged in the Muslim world partly because of Abbasid rule, which established favourable environment for scientific and intellectual development. Various factors contributed to the desire for knowledge in Muslim world. Firstly, the expansive Abbasid Empire demanded new technologies and improvement to address the existing social, economic and political problems (Akabar, 1992). The vastness of the empire from North Africa to Iran comprised of diverse people with different cultural backgrounds. Interaction between these diverse cultures contributed to the spread of ideas and creativity in the region. Another reason was that during the period, the Arabic became the language of learning and hence Muslims from the Abbasids Empire had valuable opportunity for engaging in diverse scientific and intellectual pursuits (LeStrange, 2004). ...
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Introduction The modern Islam is not popular for involvement in scientific and intellectual developments, but the contemporary technological advancement in diverse disciplines borrows significantly from the ancient Muslims. The Abbasid rule that lasted for over 500 years remains one of the most eventful period where Muslims made immense contributions in intellectual and scientific developments…
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