An Overall Analysis of Various Aspects of Islam

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: An Overall Analysis of Various Aspects of Islam Introduction Whereas Islam is one of the monotheistic religions of the world, Hinduism appears to be a polytheistic religion. Yet difficulties arise when classifying the theistic trait of Hinduism because of its complex philosophical nature.


Unlike Islam as a set of beliefs Hinduism is a collection of different intellectual or idealistic points of view, as Gavin Flood says in this regard that it does not have "unified system of belief encoded in declaration of faith or a creed" (Flood 34). In spite of Hinduism’s numerous traditions and versions including Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Srauta, a common philosophy of Hinduism is founded on the concepts of “karma, dharma, and societal norms” (Georgis 62) The Islamic faith in the oneness of God fundamentally originates from the Holy book, Quran, which the Muslim believes to be direct revelation or guidance of God descended upon Prophet Muhammad. Etymological Roots of Islam and Hinduism The term “Islam” derives from the root ‘salaam’ or ‘s-l-m’, where the term “Hindu” has its root in the word ‘Sindhu’ a local Sanskrit appellation, of the Indus River. Indeed the word, “Hindu” was incorporated in English from the Arabic term “Al Hind” used to refer to the Indian Subcontinent and the people living in this area. Later the term “Al-Hind” gets changed into Persian articulation as ‘Hindu’. On the other hand, the etymological root of Islam literally means ‘wholeness and completion’. But a number of other Islamic scholars consent that Islam as a religion has a broader meaning, “submission to the will of God”. ...
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