Passover as a Popular Jewish Holiday

Passover as a Popular Jewish Holiday Essay example
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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: There several cultural practices that were present during God’s creation and their significance went throughout the bible even in the last book, Revolution written by John the Baptist. The book of revolution is referred to as an apocalypse.


The belief and celebration is Passover. Passover is a popular Jewish holiday and festival commemorating the exodus story during which the oppressed Israelites were freed from the harsh Egyptians, under Pharaoh the dictator. It is usually started at the day 15 of the month of Nisan, in the Jewish calendar. Actual narration of the day or the exodus reveals the means God used to rescue His children from Egypt. It talks about the ten plagues, the night before departure as well as all the activities that took place during that night. Further description also reveals that God led the Israelites in crossing the mighty Red Sea by giving them a charismatic leader who showed them the way by using a stick to strike the water allowing them to go through easily. Passover is one of the Jewish celebrations that go across the entire Bible. There are several occasions in the bible where the word is mentioned and its significance can be drawn from there. In the book of Genesis, God’s creation is accompanied by the creation of man in the last day, sixth day of creation. Human beings are considered the most important creatures among all creatures that God created. He gives them some of the abilities that are not present with other creatures. ...
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