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Annemarie Luijendijk. 2008. Papyri from the great persecution: Roman and Christian perspectives. Journal of Early Christian Studies 16 (3): 341-69.


The fist is an official document that served as an imperial record of the confiscation of church property, and reveals the depth to which persecution took place, and the Roman Empire re-embraced the persecution of Christians. It also points to an even more systematic persecution than had happened before, where persecutions would only be carried out in cases where Christians were overt in their worship, and would refuse to deal with Roman authorities, or when a local Roman Official was incredibly intent in the persecution. The acceptance of the Church in the decades before Julian’s reign, however, pushed Christianity into public life. This meant that the rise of persecution struck more deeply at the now open Christianity than previous persecutions had at closeted Christianity. This article also outlines a letter from a man to his wife that indicates the kinds of small personal resistances that Christians attempted to undertake in the face of this new brutal oppression. Though they would not often stand openly against the state, according to this article, they also did not bend to that oppression, and attempted to resist in the small ways that were available to them. Harrison, J. R. 2002. Paul and the Imperial Gospel at Thessaloniki. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 25 (1): 71-96. ...
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