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History of Islam - Assignment Example

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History of Islam

The origin of Islam is credited to Mohammad. He experienced an angelic visitation from Archangel Gabriel. The angel handed him the Quran and recited the first verses of Surah XCVI2. The pillars of Islam are: Shaddah, Salat, Zakah, Sawm, and Hajj3. They signify the things Muslims believe in as Commanded by Allah. The five pillars of Islam provide a framework on how Muslims should act. The pillars were summarized in the hadith of angel Gabriel. Shahada is an Islamic creed and a testimony of faith. The Shahada is the most important pillar as it should be known to any Muslim convert. Salat is the daily Muslim prayer. Muslims pray five times a day. Zakat is the pillar that emphasizes on giving to the needy. Sawm is the pillar which emphasizes on fasting on the holy month of Ramadan. In this month Muslims abstain from food, drinks and sexual relations. The fifth pillar is the hajj. Hajj is the pilgrimage journey to Mecca. Performing the hajj is usually a compulsory activity at least once in a lifetime to people who are physically fit. Salat is the most significant worship. It originated from the Quran, Salat Al-Fajr 24:58, Salat Al-Isha 24:58 and Al-Salat Al-Wusta 2384. Muslims believe praying five times a day can clean all the sins of a person. At the beginning, Salat was performed three times a day. The Quran specifies three positions of performing Salat. These are standing, bowing and prostrating. Salat is the formal procedure of worship to Muslims. It has prescribed procedure, conditions and the time to be practiced. In the holy Quran, Salat is performed while standing bowing and prostrating. During the prayer Muslims are required to wash themselves before praying, an activity known as Wuddu. The main importance of Salat is to act as a person’s communicator to God. During Salat one is able to communicate more intimately with God5. It is also during Salat that Muslims have a form al way of remembering Allah. It is during Salat that Muslims give thanks to God for all their possessions and blessings and also pray for other needs. Salat also helps a Muslim to refrain from the social ills and moral deviancy6. Sahih Bukhari collection of hadith says that Mohammed considered salat as the best deed. According to prophet Mohamed, Allah does not listen to the cries of a person while talking but listens to person’s cries while praying. He continued and said that mercy always drops on a person’s head while praying. Salat is usually practiced at dawn, noon, afternoon, evening and night time. Adhan refers to calling of Muslims to prayer. It comprises of words that envelop the fundamentals of faith, worship and Islamic rituals. As affirmed in Bukhari, Muslims went to Madinah at prearranged time for prayer. Umar planned appointing a man to call out for prayer by recite the words of Adhan.7 It is recited from the minaret so that it can be heard from a distance, and melodiously to titivate their voice for it8. Salah is one of the pillars of Islam and prayer is the best form of worship. Every Muslim should endeavor to earn Pleasure of Allah. According to Surah 51:56, “I have created Jinns and men that they may serve me,” Adhan calls persons to prayer and proper relations. This has an effect on the performance of Salah. Adhan is a procedure in which Muslims are called to mandatory prayer. It is done five times a day to call Muslims to perform the Salat. Adhan is performed by the muezzin. Adhan is also done to ...Show more


History of Islam Research May 20, 2012 Name Institution History of Islam The Quraysh tribe in the Middle East bore Prophet Mohamed. Prior to the birth of Mohamed the tribe still had religious beliefs. But it was till the birth of Mohammed that Islam took another step in becoming a religion…
Author : osinskialejandr
History of Islam
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