Fighting Violent Religious through Self-Governance and Economic

Fighting Violent Religious through Self-Governance and Economic Research Paper example
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Fighting Violent Religious Extremism through Self-Governance and Economic I. Statement of purpose Religious extremism is a global social problem that is affecting many countries including the United States. Religious extremism has led to countless deaths, injuries and loss of property in many parts of the world.


Both air and ground bombardments of the extremist groups and toppling of the extremist regimes like the previous Saddam Hussein government have failed in ending religious extremist violence. This paper will discuss the origins of the extremist groups and offer solutions to ending religious extremist violence (James and Mason 10). II. Background and history of religious extremism Unlike the popular beliefs, religious extremism and violence is not an element of any religion. Although Islam religion has Jihad, the religion prohibits the use of violence and terrorism. The root cause of religious extremism is false radical doctrines that cause frustration and anger among the extremists. Religious extremist groups are willing to use violence to maintain the status quo. Unfortunately, America has numerous hate groups and religious extremists that are always willing to use violence to achieve their terrorism objectives. Religious extremist groups make powerful denunciation of people with different lifestyles and dehumanize the non-believers in their religion. These groups make idealizations of past eras and devalue the events of the world since they intensely focus on life after death. These groups try to maintain the traditional roles of women and use violence to those who disagree with their beliefs. ...
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