Jesus Image of Himself as the True Vine. John 15; 1-11 - Essay Example

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Jesus Image of Himself as the True Vine. John 15; 1-11

The sap in the vine gives power to the branch so that it may bring forth fruit and thus, detaching the branch would mean the end of the fruit bearing ability of the branch. He explains further that every fruit bearing branch is pruned so as to enhance its fruit bearing potential. The Gospel of John according to John Donahue’s commentary does not narrate the stories of Jesus in parable form like the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke for the reader to decipher meaning, which makes it different from them in this respect. Though the Gospel is symbolic, yet it is simple and in many instances, Jesus explains the spiritual lesson like in this instance. Jesus wanted to bring the Spiritual message across to the disciples about the importance of abiding, stressing the same in 5 where He says, “for without me you can do nothing”, and it would also be worthy to note that the word abide is repeated seven times between verses 1 to 12. Just as a detached vine cannot bring forth fruit and is not worthy for any purpose pertaining to fruit bearing other than to be thrown into the fire, thus also was Jesus teaching His disciples that their fruit bearing potential depended on their abiding in Him at all times (Michaels, 1998). ...
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Name Institution Date Jesus Image of Himself as the True Vine. John 15; 1-11 What the Gospel Periscope Means Symbolically and Spiritually The Gospel of John is written with simple but very symbolic language that applies to the ordinary lives of the target audience but which portrays deep spiritual truths…
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