Religious Rights of Women in Islam with Common Misconceptions of Islamic Women in Western Culture - Research Paper Example

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Religious Rights of Women in Islam with Common Misconceptions of Islamic Women in Western Culture

In Islamic nations, and according to Sharia law, these have been conserved in a bid to empower women despite having secular western laws. As for marriage, women can either agree or refuse to marry, and the man has a responsibility to be the protectors of their wives according to the Islamic laws. Western laws have infiltrated most aspects of rights about criminal, financial and criminal law. Therefore, women have retained personal rights on a number of crucial issues that affect them. Islam, according to the Quran, advocates equality of both man and woman as God’s creations and grants women several rights that include the right to inherit property and own it. It also provides for women to be recognized as individuals with a legal personality unlike thoughts of Islamic women in the western world (Hashmi 591). This is because the western world’s has misconceptions of Islamic women being slaves to men in their households are greatly contradicted. However, Islamic women have a degree of inequality to men according to Quranic provisions that are followed in the Islamic world. The Islamic world allows for a patriarchy society where men are the leaders and are regarded as the financial providers. ...
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Religious Rights of Women in Islam with Common Misconceptions of Islamic Women in Western Culture Rights of women in Islam have been exercised in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, these rights are only applied with reservations due to implementation of Islamic principles; as a result, a number of crucial rights are denied to women (Hashmi 589)…
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