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Providence Debate Outline This paper covers the following: 1. Introduction 2. God Announced Salvation After the Fall 3. God's Thoughts Are Higher Than Our Thoughts 4. The Arminians and Calvinists Views i. The Arminians View ii. The Calvinists View iii. Calvinism vs.


The author considers that a balanced mixture of these two views offers a better perspective. The author proposes that God’s truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures is reflected in some parts by the Calvinists view and in some parts by the Armininans and God’s truth regarding salvation is not monopolized wholly by just one of these two views. God Announced Salvation after the fall On the sixth day of creation, after forming everything which included the light, the firmament, the plants and the animals, God created man in His own image and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it; later Adam was joined by his wife Eve, the woman whom God formed from one of Adam's ribs.1 Adam and Eve had everything they needed and lived very close to God and just like in a fairy tale, they could have lived happily ever after. ...
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