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Hinduism and Buddism

The prayers are confirmed by marking Tikka, i.e., a red mark of vermilion on the foreheads. The goal of the narrator as a Hindu is to illuminate ignorance and become more spiritual. Discussion Questions 1. What cuisines are traditionally prepared at Diwali? 2. Why is Diwali celebrated at the end of year? 3. How many days does Dilwali continue for? 4. Is celebration of Diwali a means of spiritual revival for the Hindus? 5. How different is the celebration of Diwali between India and elsewhere? Strengths and Weaknesses a. I think that the video presented the topic well as whatever the narrator says, the video displays images with that. For example, when the narrator says that everybody gets into the prayer room, the video shows everybody assembling in it. Likewise, the coins are shown being washed in milk and being applied vermilion upon as the narrator explains what is happening. In addition to that, the accent and dialect of the narrator is such that each and every word is understandable. Secondly, the audience gets the complete concept of the Festival of Diwali as well as the underlying beliefs of the Hindus related to this event in a video of just 2 minutes and 4 seconds. ...
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17 July 2012. Video I Video Summary This video covers Hinduism. Diwali is the Festival of Lights. The homes are illuminated to guide the goddess Laxmi to them. The family wears new clothes and gets together in the prayer room where they first pray to Lord Ganesha to get free of all obstacles and then to Goddess Laxmi to get materialistic as well as spiritual prosperity…
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