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The Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad’s Uncle took and grandfather took care of Muhammad. As a young child, Attwell insists that Muhammad usually suffered from seizure fits. During the fits, Muhammad mentioned receiving voices from heaven and heavenly visions (Attwell, 2007). Attwell prescribes some tribes described the young boy, Muhammad, as demon-possessed (2007). Growing up, Muhammad learned the teachings of the Jewish religion and the Christian Church. Consequently, some of the two religions’ teachings were incorporated in the Koran. The Koran teaches that Jesus Christ is a prophet, just like Moses. Growing up, Muhammad prayed to 350 various gods, including the Moon God, Al-lah. The author proposes that Muhammad’s knowledge of Jewish and Christian teachings of the Angel Gabriel visit (Attwell, 2007). Consequently, Prophet Muhammad espoused that Angel Gabriel visited him in Mount Hira, after marrying the 40 year old wealthy widow, Khadijah. Confused about receiving visions, Khadijah and his relatives convinced Muhammad that they were real visions. The author, insist that this situation casts doubts on authenticity as a prophet (Attwell, 2007). Gahl Eden Sasson insists Muhammad insists he quarreled with Angel Gabriel when he was instructed to recite and surrender to the will of God (2008). However, Angel Gabriel “the angel overwhelmed me in his embrace until he had reached the limits of my endurance. ...
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The Prophet Muhammad September 18, 2012 The story of the Prophet Muhammad includes both favorable and unfavorable opinions. The research delves on gathering books proving Muhammad was mentally ill and a liar. The research delves on proving that Prophet Muhammad is a true prophet of God…
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