exegesis of a passage from the New Testament

exegesis of a passage from the New Testament Essay example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Seeking Fulfillment The passage that will be discussed is located between John the Baptist’s Testimony about Jesus being the Christ and the Son of God and further glorification of Jesus through the healings, feeding of the thousands, and other miracles.


In much the same way the Samaritan woman initially suffers from the same short sightedness with regards to forcing all of Jesus’ teachings and commands into their most literal and basic contexts. Historical and cultural backgrounds play significant role in the meaning of the passage. As such, this analysis will undertake to perform an analysis of the 4th Chapter of the Book of John and seek to interpret its varying levels of meaning, theological relevance, as well as historical implications. Unto the Four Corners of the Earth John Darby’s commentary described the situation in this way, “When rejected by the Jews, the Lord does not contend. He leaves them; and, coming to Sychar, He found Himself in the most interesting of places…Samaria” (Darby, p. 1) in this way, the most profound yet simple meaning to the chapter can be discerned. The Lord Himself was shunned from his own people. Just as in his death it would be the Jewish people that scorned the Gospel and His message, Christ’s ministry on earth was not appreciated to the extent it was intended due to the hardened hearts and closed minds of the sheep he came to save. ...
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