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Religion and Theology
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Name Tutor Course College Date Hindu Mythology Hindu mythology is a collection of Indian myths and stories that relate to their Hindu culture and traditions. The myths always have a characteristic of bringing out the diverse culture of Hindus, their beliefs, taboos and needs.


Most of the philosophies and characters that are used in the Indian mythology are directly linked to the Indian culture and religion. The myths can be grouped into psychological, sociological, and historical (Sivananda 78). The psychological myths address the fears and needs that people may face when they get into a certain situation. These may include death, hunger and drought. The myths are meant to educate people on how to face this situation. Sociological myths are meant to study the social interactions of humans these interactions can be scientifically studied. Historical myths are meant to preserve the rich Indian history that exists in India the history is classified based on time. The Indian mythology is therefore meant to help educate, entertain and correct Indians both socially and religiously. Indians have always been known to love and care for animals. It is even noted that most of the Indian religion revolve around animals. It is for this reason that every Indian is expected to love and treat animals in a kind manner without harming them or causing pain to them since they are creatures of god. ...
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