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Islam in past and now days - Essay Example

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Islam in past and now days

This paper discusses the past and now of Islam religion. In order to achieve this goal, the paper will explore the origin of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam in the modern world. Islam is said to have originated in the 6th century in Christ Era or CE. The origin of this religion was in Arabia, which is believed to be the source of Islamic beliefs. In addition, Prophet Muhammad, the source of Islam religion, was born in Mecca found on Arabian Peninsula. Today, this place is known as Saudi Arabia. Prophet Muhammad was raised in a family of traders (Manji 12). At the age of 25 years, Prophet Muhammad was working as a trading agent for an older woman who later got married. Prophet Muhammad lived with his wife without any signs of religious calls. However, at the age of 40 years, Prophet Muhammad began experiencing auditory revelations and visions. In addition, Muhammad was provided with a book by angel Gabriel that he was required to read. At first, Muhammad shared the message obtained from this book with his family and friends (Manji13). His wife Khadija was the first Islam follower and in his mission, she was always with him. After sometime, Muhammad began meeting with people and shared with them the same message. He delivered his message to public sermons denouncing impunity and evil while emphasizing on God’s unity. ...
Hijrah period marked the establishment of Islamic era. The period was marked by lots of war and intense conflict in Medina forcing Muhammad and his followers to return to Mecca. Prophet Muhammad died in Medina in 632 (Riddell and Cotterell 3). After his death, the prophet left no other male heir. For this reason, Muslims believed he was the final prophet chosen by Allah and the last of His humanity messenger of peace. As a messenger and a prophet, this meant that prophet Muhammad was never to be worshipped but Allah was. In Arabic, Allah means God almighty and the one and only God. In addition, Allah is referred to in 99 other names and has multiple attributes. For instance, Allah is the merciful, mighty, forgiver, protector, provider and wise. In addition, Allah is loving, all-knowing, the first, last and eternal among others. The word Islam means peace, loyalty, submission, allegiance, obedient, and greeting. During the time of Muhammad, Muslims were made both a religious and political community and the prophet was the head of state. Since Muhammad had authority from God, he managed the Muslim nation and territory. He also passed justice, made peace, collected taxes and led the army. Since there was no definite heir after the death of Mohammad, a suitable successor was chosen for the sake of Islamic unity preservation and the spread of Allah’s word (Bamyer 4). The formation of Islam was within the context of conflict against the Byzantine Empire in the west. Through the acknowledgement of this context, it is possible to understand the reason for the adherent interpretation of Islam today as war against greed, idolatry and immorality and the unification of the world. ...Show more


Date Islam in the past and now Introduction Islam is one of the numerous world religions. The history of this religion extends to over 1400 years. During this time, Islam has gained at least a billion world believers…
Author : dellrogahn
Islam in past and now days essay example
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