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Name Professor Course Date Key Words: Yayati, Brahmin, Khatriya,Vaishyas, shudras, chandalas, caste, Story of King Yayati Yayati’s story reveals the Indians’ long held values regarding their caste system that has persisted in the society to the present (Apurva 3).


Consequently, this prompted him to decline Devayani’s marriage proposal because she belonged to a high caste (priestly) than his. Yayati’s reaction reveals Hindu’s cultural values regarding the issue of marriage whereby traditions dictate one to marry from his or her caste regardless of true affection that an individual feels towards the other (Chowdhury). However, this due to the superiority of the Devayani’s caste, the father gives in to his daughter’s demands, though with certain conditions; Yayati should not marry any other woman. This mythical account also reveals humanity’s unquenchable desire for pleasure, which is evident from Yayati’s actions (Apurva 4). Yayati regardless of marrying a woman from high caste in the Indian society, his lustful desires prompt him to have sexual relations with the Devayani’s maid. This ends with secretly marrying her without Devayani’s knowing, whereby she unveils the marriage through her maid’s male children claiming Yayati is their father. Humanity’s unquenchable desires in this account are also evident from the way Yayati begs for youth (from own son) to continue with his luxury life after Devayani’s father cursed him to a premature old age (Apurva 3). Eventually, Yayati regains sanity when he realizes his life comprised of living in denial. ...
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