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the Veil in Islam

Muslim women who strictly adhere to the requirement believe that it is an act of obedience to God and a stride towards freedom. In this regard, women’s freedom can be evaluated by their physical appearance rather than their intellect. The concept of veiling in Islam emanates from the need to maintain the association between the body and mind. It is often believed that covering the body is one way of shielding the heart from impurities. For that reason, men are admonished to avert their eyes from women, and subsequently, women are required to put on loose outer garments, and cover up their bosoms and heads (Hibri 8). Although the Holy Qur’an directs that women needs to veil themselves, the degree and style varies considerably depending on the situation. Veiling in Islam women is highly dependent on interpretation of various scriptures on the practice, culture, and personal preferences. According to chapter 33, verse 60 of the Qur’an, Allah says “O prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, and women of the believers, that they should pull down upon them of their outer cloaks from their heads over their faces. That is more likely that they may thus be recognized and not molested”. There are two distinct interpretations of this scripture that has created two forms of veiling. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date The veil of Islam In the contemporary society, the modest outfit of Muslim women has massively grown to become a commonplace. In fact, the hijab, which is an Arabic word that is commonly used to describe the Islamic dress code, is normally applied in English language…
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