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Religion and Theology
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Religion, Faith, and Clive Staples Lewis Introduction When Charles Darwin theorized that man came from chimps and evolved into an advanced form of creature after years passed, religion has clearly established its position into explaining the “humanity” and “human nature” (Kunin 1).


No matter how experts interpret the existence of religion and its foundation, it is safe to assume that religion’s aim is to mold us into humans with moral values. Thus, this essay follows analytic and reflective views in understanding religions by highlighting an important man’s transition from being a Christian to an atheist then back to being a Christian. He is in the person of Clive Staples Lewis. The Quest for Religion Man’s pursuit of religion is an undertaking performed in order to achieve spiritual happiness, the kind that transcends believers’ perception of reality towards the goodness and promises of the life hereafter. It is so-called a pursuit because no one is born with religion served on a silver platter. Perhaps you might think about religion that is based on blood and race. Religion is something that should be taken as even deeper; its meaning is significant and highly philosophical. Any Jordanian man born can have the choice of believing in Jesus Christ, which is equally the same as an American believing Allah and Mohammed. However, social conventions, norms, and fundamental laws of some countries prohibit its citizens from believing in outside ‘religions.’ However, it is not just of sound judgment, but wise to discover our true faith as we go along on our journey to life. ...
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