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Eschatology: What happens when we die?

In order to comprehend what happens when a person dies, it is significant to comprehend the meaning of death. Death simply implies end of life, which is permanent cessation of body functions (Soto 112-114). Different religions and cultures have developed their own explanation as to what happens to a person when they die but majority of them share similar opinion that there is afterlife. The afterlife is distinct to people according to their culture and religion. For instance, Christianity argues that there is eternal life where people will meet and stay with God in heaven. Other religions such as Hinduism and Islam tell people that there are heavens of many levels. The good things that a person did will determine which heaven a person will enter when they die. Buddhism elaborates on this faith and asserts that the stay in heaven is not permanent as people will be reborn as animals or humans signaling the beginning of a new life on earth. As much as different religions and culture of the world have different view of the life after death, the tragedy and fear of death and the belief in eternal life is a universal occurrence. Human mind and understanding cannot contact a person’s own death as an internal experience. ...
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Instructor Date Eschatology What is the final destination after we die? Do we go to heaven or hell? Are we condemned to hell or are we directed to go to heaven? Do we cease to live or do we sleep for a certain time before our final judgment? Alongside the provocative question of the implication of life, is the question of what happens to a person when they die…
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