Hinduism and Christianity: An Experience and a Comparison

Hinduism and Christianity: An Experience and a Comparison Research Paper example
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Religion is important. Humans have an innate desire to connect with the spiritual. We have a need to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. We desperately want to know that there is a purpose and meaning to our life.


Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam form the basis of the spiritual lives of a majority of the earth’s inhabitants. This paper will focus on Hinduism and Christianity, examine the similarities and differences, and seek to explain the importance of spiritual matters to the average layperson. People may commonly believe that Judaism is the world’s oldest religion, but it is quite interesting to discover that Hinduism actually owns this distinction. In terms of followers, there are over a billion of them. That makes it the third largest religion in the world, behind Christianity and Islam. It is difficult to pin down exactly what constitutes the Hindu religion, which is why there is so much misunderstanding about the belief system of a follower. The fundamental belief of a Hindu actually becomes a combination of religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas. Each of these ideas originated in India and revolves around the belief in reincarnation. In addition, Hindus believe that they are one absolute being, manifested in multiple ways. They also believe strongly in the law cause and effect, in following the path of righteousness as prescribed in their Dharma, and they wish for eternal freedom from the cycle of births and deaths. ...
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