Taking a Lesson From “A River Runs Through It”

Taking a Lesson From “A River Runs Through It” Essay example
Religion and Theology
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“A River Runs Through It” is a touching story of two brothers, sons of a Presbyterian minister. One could perhaps be considered a good man who walked the straight paths while the other was a prodigal son who has grown to be a wild and carefree person.


He became a professor in Chicago, married his first love and lived a more serious life while his younger brother chose to stay in his hometown in Montana. He loved the provincial life that included fly fishing, his favorite pastime. However, he was also quite indulged in gambling, drinking and the dangers such vices are attached with. He had a lot of friends but he also gained enemies who in the end cut his life short. The story practically presents how the two boys were raised as sons of a Presbyterian preacher and how they were taught to catch fish. The summer that the older sibling, Norman, went home from college took most of the period of the narration where it was revealed that the younger brother, Paul, died. Norman and Paul’s story reflects a lot of religious lessons lived by the characters of the story. One can see how they have been raised, being taught every time the father gets a chance to give them a lesson such as reverence to nature, applying balance in how he does things, showing them love and acceptance despite themselves and finally learn how things are connected to each other. ...
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