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Church Governments Name Course Date Church Governments Introduction In theology, there exists several church governments in which the various denominations within the Christian religion. These are Congregational, Presbyterian, Single elder, plural elder, and lastly the bishop led models of church governance.


On the other hand, the congregational polity is one where there is autonomy of local churches in that these churches have no affiliation to any other church. The other form of church governance is the single elder polity in which there is the pastor is the main source of guidance and decision making organ. Lastly, the plural-led polity is the most applicable form of church governance as it involves both the clergy and the elders being on the same level of governance. Comparison between the five models Presbyterian Ideally, this form of church governance existed in the olden days of the bible to which many of the present day churches have adopted. Presently, the application of this church governance involves the congregation voting in the elders that they feel would lead them in a just manner. However, the aspect of these elected leaders having the entire decision on how to govern the congregation posses some challenges as the decision of the elders chosen is unquestionable. As compared to congregational churches, the decision making process partly involves the congregation making this form of church leadership be one way. On the contrary, this polity evokes some democracy aspects as the judgment on church matters does not lie in the shoulders of one elder as compared to the single elder polity. ...
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