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Religion and Theology
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Name Instructor Course Date Film Noir: Double Indemnity and Brick Double Indemnity Double Indemnity is a skeptical, entertaining, and immoral thriller exposing infidelity, dishonesty and manslaughter, and directed by Billy Wilder in 1944 after deriving it from a hard-boiled novel story taken from Three of a Kind by James Cain in 1943…

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Phyllis Dietrichson seduced Walter into killing her husband so that she could benefit from his insurance policy and this made him trick the husband into signing the policy that insured his life for $50,000. Walter accused her of trying to get him to kill her husband and refused but Phyllis convinced Walter how abusive her husband was thus making him agree to kill Dietrichson so that the amount could be doubled due to a fatal accident on a train (Wilder Film). When Dietrichson took the train to attend a college reunion, Walter killed him and posed as him before jumping off the train and placing the body on the tracks making it look like he had fallen off the train to his death. Walter's supervisor was suspicious of Dietrichson's death and further suspected that the wife must have organized the killing. Dietrichson's daughter also told Walter that she believes Phyllis murdered her mother in order to marry her father making him suspect that Phyllis has left him for her lover, Nino Zachette. The crime falls apart because of the two characters’ absolute mistrust of one another prompting Walter to shoot Phyllis dead and drive to the insurance office to record his confession (Wilder Film). Brick Brick film was produced in 2005 and was written and directed by Rian Johnson that embodies a lot of visual traits of classic film noir and has a very dark plot. ...
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