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Religion and Theology
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Christians Practices, Festivals and Rituals Christian Practices Christianity comprises of a group of believers who strongly believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings as per the Bible and they include the Roman Catholic and the group of Protestants such as Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans, Seventh Day Adventists (S.D.A) and others.


It is also worth noting that most of the values and beliefs are shared amongst all Christian denominations such as the belief that Jesus Christ is a son of God and the savior of the whole world from the sin of mankind. The following writing is part of the findings I got after interviewing my neighbor who is a strong protestant and Christ follower. He says he is born again and Jesus Christ is his savior. According to the Interviewee, Jesus Christ is a son of God He is believed to be from the David‘s descendants. He is believed by Christians as the messiah who came to establish God’s kingdom in the world. Jesus teachings and ministry is very unique and it emphasizes on preaching compassion, forgiveness and love. Jesus is also known as a miracle worker and a healer who resurrected a few dead bodies during his times and many Christians still believe that His powers are still with them and that they can also perform same miracles. Christians believe that Jesus died and resurrected in order to save Christians from their sins. Christians worldwide believe that their prayers can only be heard by God if they pray in Jesus name. Christians further believe that whenever they pray or ask anything in the name of Jesus then their prayers are answered instantly. ...
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