Mahogany Harvesting

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This is a critique of the article written by James Grogan et al., entitled "What loggers leave behind: Impacts on big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) commercial populations and potential for post-logging recovery in the Brazilian Amazon." The article aims to prove that the current management and laws for mahogany harvesting and eventually for other high-value tropical timber, will not sustain its commercial production for secondary and subsequent harvests, given the current rates of cutting and replanting methods employed today.


2008, p. 270). The team conducted 100% inventory and used statistics to simulate pre-logging scenarios as well as project post-logging harvest. Such methodologies and assumptions will be critiqued in detail, in the following sections.
The site of the inventory is in North Western part of Brazil, south of the Amazonian River (Lamb 1996, cited in Grogan et al. 2008, p. 270). The eight sites assessed presented a plethora of scenarios that enables the team sufficient data to conduct this thesis. Fifty percent of the sites were logged while the rest are either planned for logging or kept as a reserve. Given the spread of the location where the presence of mahogany was noted, the chosen sites and their corresponding conditions considered are sufficient in order to understand the circumstances required to prove this thesis. ...
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