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Alternative Energy Strategies - Essay Example

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Effective and well-founded climate policies require a careful and informed analysis of the problem, and the possible options available for addressing it" (David Humphreys, p. 7). The climate change issues has attracted the attention of almost everyone around the world…

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Alternative Energy Strategies

In an effort to stop and adapt to this mammoth environmental and global challenge, scientists and policy makers went into studies and researches seeking for both immediate and long-term solution. Scientists have played a very significant role in helping policy makers find their direction and focus, although some still grope as to which to prioritize: mitigation or adaptation.
The burning of fossil fuel is one of the identified sources of climate change. It is however widely used for commerical purposes so that it would be politically difficult to stop its use. On the other hand, some have ventured into the development of alternative sources of energy to address the problem. This paper particularly examines the development of these alternative energy sources and the technical and political constraints that the development faces.
The cause of the problem has already been identified: the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases includes carbon dioxide, methane, nitroud oxide, chlrofluorocarbons and hydroflurocarbons. ...
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