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Economic Effects of WaterPollution - Essay Example

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Economic Effects of WaterPollution

In modern times, organic pollution has been on an upward trend to the environment and this is heavily because of the growing population the world is witnessing. One will find in a developed city, that there are so many people that the environment sewerage plants and sewerage plants are not able to take in all the waste and at the same time, function in its usual way. The excess waste becomes food for the algae and this increases their growth rate and thus depletes oxygen in the water.
In order to combat diseases and combat the extinction of plant and animal life, which play a big part in the economy, water pollution should be put under control. It has been estimated that it is the lead cause of deaths and diseases in the world. To control water pollution steps need to be taken like treatment of domestic sewage, which apparently contains 99.9% of pure water, industrial waste water treatment, done through pollution prevention process, agricultural waste water treatment through point and non point source control system and many other ways.
This proposal aims at looking at the various ways that can be used to prevent water pollution and to establish the ways that are most efficient and economically viable. This will be done by clearly looking at all the methods that can be used to prevent water pollution and their workability. ...
point source pollution and the non-point source pollution, the causes i.e. pathogens, chemical and other contaminants, thermal pollution and also to look into details the different methods that are used to reduce or eliminate water pollution i.e. domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater, construction site storm water, urban runoff (Parks, 2007).
Previous research
During the summer of 1971, at a filtration plant in Chicago south, the filters were blocked with a lot of algae that they hand to be removed by hand. The water tasted and smelled like dead fish and this led to the addition of a lot more chlorine in order for the water to be drinkable. If this can happen to such big lakes like Lake Michigan then all the lakes out there are not safe. To stop this from happening better systems to treat sewage need to be devised. New systems that take raw sewage and turn it into usable water have been developed, however it is only done on a small scale basis. A research done by Pulitzer centre found out that more than 900 million people in the world do not have access to clean water everyday and that 4500 people die each day due to waterborne illness. People spend a lot of time on a daily basis to fetch clean water, taking time away from more economically productive education and work. This is despite the fact that unlike most crises around the world, sanitation and clean water can be achieved at affordable prices and the reward of the venture is impressive.
There are two types of water sources, ground water and surface water and they both have different pollutants. Some of the sources of surface water pollution include:
Point source pollution- This refers to a single recognizable source of water pollution and the contaminants enter the ...Show more


Water pollution is ever more becoming a big problem that the human population needs to seriously look at. Water is the most valuable resource that we have and all living things can't go for long without it. 70% of the surface of the Earth is covered with water but apparently only 3% of it is fresh and fit for human consumption…
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Economic Effects of WaterPollution essay example
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