Treatment of Unipolar Depression - Essay Example

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Treatment of Unipolar Depression

Overall, 5-HTP appeared to be slightly better tolerated than fluvoxamine, although the results did not reach the level of statistical significance.
What personal interests and/or short or long term goals lie behind this - not strictly required for a proposal but it is usually helpful to think this through as it can help you focus [one paragraph]
What aspect(s) of theory / knowledge is/are behind this What are the gaps in the research or what parallels are there in adjacent fields (ie a short literature review to set up the purpose and question) - 5-HTP has also been compared in a few studies with conventional tricyclic antidepressants (chloripramine and imipramine) - the most effective drugs for treating depression until the development of the SSRIs. The studies found 5-HTP to be at least as effective as these drugs in treating severe depression, while displaying fewer side effects. In severe cases, 5-HTP dosages as high as 1200 mg daily were used
What objectives, steps, sub-questions, angles of inquiry or sections of your paper would you break your question or inquiry aim into - CCDANCTR-Studies was searched (carried out on 12/1/2005) using the following search stategy (Di ...
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Trials were searched in computerized general (Medline, Psychlit, and Embase) and specialized databases (Cochrane Controlled Clinical Trials Register, Cochrane Collaboration Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis Controlled Trial Register); by checking reference lists of relevant articles; by handsearching relevant specialist journals; and by contacting relevant authors where appropriate
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