Forensic Anthropology

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If one needs to understand a structure in totality, he/she needs to start with the building blocks of the structure. There is no way a structure is going to be understood in absence of a detailed understanding of the basic building blocks of the structure or system.


Having understood the two, it is then necessary to draw a link between the two or evaluate all the possible relationships between the two. It will also be imperative to reckon that a marriage between the two possible brings forth what is commonly termed as forensic anthropology. This paper seeks to show how biological anthropologist assist with a forensic investigation besides identification of individuals. The paper starts first by understanding what forensic is, then moves on to define anthropology and forensic anthropology then shows how anthropology can aid in forensics.
The term forensic refers to the application of scientific knowledge in a bid to solve legal problems and enable the smooth running of legal proceedings (Bartol, 2004: p8). As such, any profession that uses scientific knowledge aids bin forensics and this explains the existence of such terms as forensic anthropology, forensic medicine, forensic science, forensic experts etc. Forensic comes from a Latin word "forensic" which means relating to a forum and forum in this case which according to the ancient Rome was a market place where people congregated to conduct all sorts of business as well as public affairs. As time went on, the term forensic was limited to reference of the courts of law thus entering English use in 1659 with that very meaning. Therefore, forensic refers to law problems or issues which are solved by the application of scientific knowledge.
The word anthrop ...
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