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The hot debate on climate change has become a real threat with recent happenings such as severe typhoons and floods in the Philippines, cyclones in Burma and an intensity 7-earthquake in Haiti. While some are still debating over the real causes and effects of climate change, some are already suffering from the consequences of it.


One of the threatened countries is Bangladesh. Floods and storms are common in the country, but scientists conclude that climate change is making the situation worse, primarily attributed to increasing sea level (DVD program).
Since what we are now is a product of the world's constant change, it is assumed by some that the climate change that is happening is a natural process. Indeed, glaciers have melted before but they are seen as a natural process (Blowers, 14). Scientists including geologists and climate scientists are united in claiming that our present geographic condition and the entire planet has undergone "major changes long before humans evolved" (Blowers, 14). Climate and geographic changes can therefore be a product of a natural process which includes "bombardment from asteroids, changes in the solar activity, tectonic plate movements and volcanic eruptions" (Blowers, 18). The ice ages in which ice covered the most of the planet lasted several thousands of years until the interglacial periods "ice retreated towards the poles" (Blowers, 18). These changes in the phase of the earth have been remarkable but hey did happen for a long period of time. What causes alarm is the faster climate changes that are apparently unnatural but anthropogenic.
The Theory of Climate Change. ...
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