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Rethinking Identity in the Age of Mass Communication

Identity is more fluid today and is in a transformable stage because of media and the impressions it creates in society. There was no question of identities and their repercussions in earlier days when mobility, migration were limited. There was no mass media to reckon with and people lived in their own regions without much exposure. Today with modernity and media exposure, identities are showing the signs of internal merging and this has created panic in people who want to preserve their own identities and separateness. Even the most resistant of cultures are changing and going through slow metamorphosis and this has set panic bells ringing. Most of the cultures and religions resist change and try to push people back into norms and regulations of yore, fearing that people might grow beyond those boundaries and become uncontrollable, which would tear the social, rather rigid fabric.
The need to rethink about cultural identities and present them as diversities in media has made media studies imperative. Cultural and media studies aim at critical investigations that have come up due to the mass media and its unprecedented power that makes it an extremely important area of study. ...
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Mass media is a force for change and currently, it has attained its most powerful form. Identities that are displayed or represented in various forms of media could be one of the longest lasting images that people could endure. Today mass media has created such a powerful, almost dangerous place in the lives of mankind, that anything and everything that is presented through media will definitely have a long-standing effect…
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