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Crime and Drug Use

It is, in other words, an integral part of prisoner rehabilitation programmes which target the possibilities of recidivism by addressing their root causes, in this case, drugs.
While not claiming that drugs are responsible for the entirety of the recidivism rate which the UK currently suffers, it is one of its more important causes (Burnett, 2004). Drug rehabilitation programmes for offenders has the potential to significantly reduce recidivism rates and, thus, to reduce the nation's overall crime rate (Burnett, 2004). Indeed, Burnett (2004), a criminologist and offender management expert and researcher, argues that the Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO) and the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) which evolved from it, derive from the empirically-proven link between drugs and crime and are motivated by the imperatives of reducing the nation's crime rates by confronting one of the primary causes of recidivism. This research, however, will not proceed from a premise of unquestioning acceptance of the correlation between addiction and crime, hence treatment and reduction in recidivism rates. ...
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The link between crime and drug use is an established fact, fortified by a wealth of empirical evidence and, certainly, not a claim premised upon weak assumptions. It is this link and the strong foundations upon which it is established which has motivated the design and implementation of drug rehabilitation programmes for prison inmates in the UK, just as it has in the United States, Australia and most Western European nations…
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